AWS DocumentDB (DocDB)

DocumentDB is yet another great implementation of a popular service (MongoDB) made as a service with the harvest power of AWS Storage.

Similar in many many ways to RDS Aurora clusters with MySQL and PostgreSQL compatibility, this time, for MongoDB.


AWS DocDB Cluster configuration is a lot simplier than its SQL cousins. With very minimum properties, you can, using ComposeX, deploy clusters and automatically link these to your services.


For production workloads, to avoid any CFN deadlock situations, I recommend you generate the CFN templates for docdb, and deploy the stacks separately. Using Lookup you can use existing DocDB clusters with your new services.


The credentials strucutre remains the same as for RDS SQL versions

DocumentDB secret structure after attachment
  "dbClusterIdentifier": "<str>",
  "password": "<str>",
  "engine": "<str>",
  "port": "<int>",
  "host": "<str>",
  "username": "<str>"